Seven steps for Composing, Creating & Producing effective Jingles

1. Repetitive review of promotional material to comb out useable data that can be rhythmically and affectively utilized in a succinct melodious manner.

2. An affective rhythmic feel for the music (this could entail creating a number of different versions of the music).

3. A catchy melody line; this melody has to be so contagious that the listener would not only remember it, but would also sing along with your message and (or) slogan. 

4. The individual instrument parts must to be conceived and performed; this requires many hours of creative experimentation and musical execution of drums, percussion, bass, piano, strings, brass, guitars and various other parts that must coexist harmoniously. 

5. After grasping the (perceived) gist of the campaign and hypothesizing the essence of what should be conveyed, the lyrics must have just the right amount of syllables to sit rhythmically within the groove and tempo of the music.

6. Once the Lyrics and the melody line have been established for the verse(s), an even more powerful and infectious melody line for the chorus must be derived. The chorus lyrics take the jingle lyrically and melodiously to a climax and it must sound good.

7. When the melody and lyrics for the jingle have been approved, a vocalist is sought. Here begins the endless parade of male and female vocalists of all shapes, sizes and vocal ranges in and out of the studio. Additionally, the musical key might need to be transposed several times to suit the particular auditioning vocalists.

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