Marina Gottlieb Sarles Pict.FREEPORT - Bahamian Author Marina Gottlieb-Sarles has released her first book, 'Sand In My Shoes' - an eclectic collection of island stories inspired by her true life experiences growing up in the islands of the Bahamas.

 Although this is her first published book, Mrs. Sarles has written several well-recognized short stories, some of which were featured by ESPN and in Macmillan Caribbean's short story collection. She is also a feature writer for Grand Bahama Island Magazine.

"This is my first ever published book and I am very excited," she said. "It is a beautiful eclectic collection of stories, some funny and sad, based on truth that will appeal to locals and visitors."

There are 3,000 copies presently in circulation throughout the island.

 The book contains lively and tenderly funny tales of mythical characters, eccentric heroes, and authentic snippets of everyday life that celebrate the unique spirit of the Bahamas.

As a daughter of immigrant parents to the Bahamas, Mrs. Sarles drew inspiration from her childhood in the islands. At that time her father, Dr Ejnar Gottlieb and mother were the first village doctor and nurse in Grand Bahama's Pine Ridge settlement - a lumber mining camp that spawned the growth of the modern day Freeport. She was very honored that former prime minister Hubert Ingraham, MP for North Abaco, offered to write the forward in her book.

 "He is a very prominent and well spoken man and I was very grateful to him for his kind words and compliments of the book," said Mrs. Sarles.

She noted that some of the stories are written in the first person and in third person.

"The heartwarming and entertaining pages of 'Sand In My Shoes' hold special memories of growing up as an island girl, as well as reflections on the laughter, tears, natural wonders, and common bonds that connect everyone else who loves these beautiful islands," she said.

Mrs. Gottlieb, who was educated in Europe and the United States, studied physical therapy and energy healing. She was a faculty member of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in New York, and a personal enrichment seminar leader in Japan, America, and the Bahamas.

She is married to Real Estate executive James Sarles, president of James Sarles Realty. She is also the sister of the late Cay Gottlieb, founder of Cool 96 FM Radio, and Frederick F Gottlieb.

After returning to her roots in the northern Bahamas several years ago, Mrs. Sarles developed her love of story telling and writing short stories. ESPN produced a special feature segment True Outdoor Adventures series based on her short story 'Peter and the Shark'.

'Under the Perfume Tree', written by Mrs. Sarles, was also featured in Macmillan Caribbean's short story collection.

The book, 'Sand In My Shoes' is available on local newsstands, online at  , and at the book signing.

Written by: Denise Maycock

Mackeymedia went on the road to the home of Marina Gottlieb Sarles the author of the best selling book “Sand In My Shoes”. Marina, a multi-talented and deeply spiritual person, shares her passion for writing and provides insight into her new novel now in progress under the tentative title “City Of Horses.” This audio interview commences with Marina, also a dynamic female lead vocalist, ad-libbing the lyrics of her original musical composition entitled “Out on The Streets,” a song that tells her life story. It was the first song ever recorded in her brother, The Late Cay W. Gottlieb’s recording studio Cicada Sounds. The song was engineered, arranged and produced by  web master Dave Mackey. Marina also provides a synopsis of her first book “Sand In My Shoes.” Her new book “City Of Horses” is set during the time of World War II in East Prussia, the birth place of her mother the late Owanta Gottlieb Von Sanden , author of the book “Angel Stand By Me” (translated from German to English by Marina). The name “City of Horses” is inspired by East Prussia’s passion for raising the Trakehner , the most noble of thoroughbred horses. It was a place where stallions lived like kings until Prussia was invaded by the Russians who killed all but 25 of 1400 stallions at the farm where Marina's story is set. The story is about a very famous stallion stud who was mowed down in cold blood. Marina’s family arrived on Grand Bahama through Mr. Wallace Groves the founder of Freeport, her Father, affectionately known as “Doc” (Dr. Gottlieb) was hired as a doctor for the workers of the Pine Ridge Lumber Yard. Press the play button below to hear Marina's adventurous thought provoking Interview with Dave Mackey.

Marina Gottlieb Sarles Interview (18:30)